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Solomon Guild: A Gallery of Rogues Part I $9.99
Publisher: post world games
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/17/2014 06:17:26

Now this book is not your typical thieves guild book. Instead, it is a book about a guild of criminals, not just thieves. For example: arsonists, beggars, corrupt priests, ladies of the night, an inner circle that is not quite what you expect it to be; all with an extensive background. A large number of characters are fleshed out in the book. You can use this book to put a complete, premade criminal guild in your campaign world. Myself, I use elements in the book in my campaign. With such a great book, I can use it in many campaigns to come.

I also own the ad&d second edition "complete thieves handbook". The difference between these books is evident: the Solomon Guild really fleshes out a guild. Not just characters that stand on their own, or a character that you can play (though there a many great ideas you can use if you want to play a criminal). There is always a context, which brings the characters to life.

Highly recommended.

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Solomon Guild: A Gallery of Rogues Part I
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