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Lady Satan $2.25
Publisher: NUELOW Games
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/31/2013 13:03:29

I'll start off by saying the one thing I found wrong with this collection: The photoshopping of the cover and title page logo could be a LOT better.

Other than that, this is an excellent little collection of two hard-to-find features. The original Lady Satan stories had the aplomb of Lady Luck with the war-time scenarios of Black Venus or Airboy's Valkyrie. I wish there would've been more stories of this particular version made, as I would like to have seen this character develop more in that resistance-style storyline.

The Veiled Avenger was a quaint little feature that was also very enjoyable. As the compiler notes it would've been interesting to learn something of the background of Ginny Spears, but I can live with what we have: Simple and fun comic stories, the hallmark of the Golden Age!

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the feedback! At the time, i felt the \"flash\" I left on the logo was interesting. In retrospect, i may have been wrong. :)

We may be retiring this particular edition and folding the content into the \"Complete Golden Age Oddballs\" series, so I might have another crack at the Lady Satan logo yet.
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Lady Satan
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