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Rotwang City: The City of Shadows Role Playing Game $11.99
Publisher: Scaldcrow Games
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/27/2013 10:09:26

Rotwang City is a dark and scary place, populated by everything from jaded detectives to alien monsters. If you want a campaign that mixes the Maltese Falcon with classic Horror films, then you have come to the right place. The Bare Bones system is quick to learn and only requires 2d6. No messy rules or complicated tables involved. It is a system that doesn't level restrictions on the player's imagination, allowing them to be the character they want to be and still be balanced and fun for the game. I have been fortunate enough to play a game in Rotwang City at MACE in Charlotte, NC, and learned the system in less than ten minutes for a few hours of the most entertaining role playing I've ever had. This is a great system for those that like to use their dice to supplement their role playing instead of driving it. The Cosmic Eye is also a great tool for any RPG system, not just Bare Bones, as it allows GMs to come up with quick answers to those questions that the players always come up with and you didn't prepare for them (they always manage it no matter how well you prepare.) Rotwang City gives the players the Archetypes needed to pull the flavor of the pulp noir genre into your characters and gives you the chance to play everything from Bare nuckle boxers to secretive sorcerors. The narrative hooks give GMs good starting places to create your own dark adventures in Rotwang.

If your gaming group has always wanted to play the hard boiled detective who might just run into everything from Lovecraftian Cultists to Magically Gifted Gangsters than Rotwang City is a perfect addition to your gaming table.

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Rotwang City: The City of Shadows Role Playing Game
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