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Davey Beauchamp's Amazing Pulp Adventures-Role Playing Game $11.99
Publisher: Scaldcrow Games
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Have you always been fascinated by the radio plays from the 30s and 40s? Have you ever been lucky enough to listen to replays of the Green Hornet and Phantom broadcasts? This is the world that Davey Beauchamp captures in Amazing Pulp Adventures. Welcome to the City of Tomorrow, To-day. Sapphire City is populated by super heroes and villains inspired by the very beginning of the genre and its well worth the look. First the system, bare bones is easy to learn, requires only 2d6 and doesn't put a heavy burden of rules knowledge on the players. It is a system designed for those who want to use dice to supplement their role playing instead of driving it. The GM's Cosmic Eye is a great addition to any game system, allowing the GM to come up with quick answers to the questions the players come up with that you weren't prepared for (and they always do). Character creation is much more about what the player wants to create instead of restricting the things they can't do. Any power is acceptable in the Bare Bones system, as long as you can justify its use through RP and your character. Bare Bones is designed to allow the GM to say "Yes" to the player and gives a lot of creative lee way.

The characters and setting in APA are fantastic and perfect for the genre. Each character has a signature move, that one powerful attack that is always followed up by a one liner. Successfully using your Signature move gets you an award of a Boxcar, which you can add to future rolls. The guide to designing your character walks you through Golden Age costume tropes and archetypes, helping you adapt that early heroes feel to your campaign. No spandex here, instead you can choose from goggles, fedoras, capes and even boomerangs. The story of the campaign, the heroes and its villains are well thought out and come with enough background to allow the GM to craft the stories that are essential to APA, and the story hooks give good starting points to creating your own adventures in Sapphire City.

If your gaming party loves Golden Age super heroes and has the habit of yelling out one liners even when they are smashing up orcs and goblins, then APA could be the perfect gaming book for your table.

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Davey Beauchamp's Amazing Pulp Adventures-Role Playing Game
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