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The Tower of Dr. Alienstein (Revised Edition) $4.99
Publisher: Scaldcrow Games
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The Tower of Dr. Alienstein is a perfect roleplaying supplement for that gaming group that is into heavy roleplay, strange atmospheres and classic horror tropes mixed with the campiness of old black and white genre films. The book starts with a thorough introduction to the Bare Bones RPG system, which is quick to learn and isn't bogged down by massive amounts of rules and details. The only dice needed are d6s and the only chart needed is the success table. After the rules, we delve into the plot behind Dr. Alienstein and its a wierd one, in that fun crazy way that pulp horror can be. The adventure is well laid out, the maps are detailed and allow the GM to provide the atmosphere that is required for this genre of game. One of the more exciting things about the book is the addition of the GM's Cosmic Eye. This handy table doesn't just work for Bare Bones but is perfect for any game when the players toss out questions you hadn't considered (and they always do). The Cosmic Eye allows you to roll 2 d6 and determine whether the outcome is Positive or Negative, Good or Bad and then you can elaborate quickly from there. This system is very much made for the Role play heavy group, so if your table has seen Plan 9 From Outer Space a million times, or if they love to imitate Boris Karloff, this is the right RP supplement for you.

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The Tower of Dr. Alienstein (Revised Edition)
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