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The Mighty Six $14.99
Publisher: Mighty Six Enterprises
by David H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/19/2013 14:29:51

I've had a chance to play a few sessions of Mighty-Six with my playgroup, and I must say - I'm in love.

I'm fairly new to the D6 system, but it is fast becoming my favorite. Mighty-Six takes an already great die-system and adds a lot of flavor to it. Combinations for PCs are virtually endless, allowing you to customize the super-hero (or villain) of your dreams. My GM is a particularly clever fellow, and manages to mix humour into the campaign. We've had some pretty hilarious nemesis's (nemeses?) crop up during our routine super-heroing.

My only criticism is that some of the game mechanics require you to pop in and out of the book for reference purposes, but that's pretty common with intricate game-worlds and systems. This criticism is also partly assuaged by the fact that the art is top notch. There are some really clever "side-bar" images that evoke the glory years of 1980's comics books. Definitely made me smile.

I'll post an update once I've gotten the chance to play Mighty-Six some more, but as of now, myself and my group are really pleased with the product. I would highly recommend it, even to people who don't typically play D6. It's pretty easy to pick up.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks Dave H!
I\'m really glad you liked it. You must have gotten your hands on some of the beta test versions we put out for playtesting. We got a lot of really useful feedback from our playtesters and I hope it shows in the new design. I\'m happy some of the humor struck home. We really tried to capture some of the feel of older comics in our art and mock advertisements.

Feedback is always welcome!
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The Mighty Six
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