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Earthdawn Player's Guide (Savage Worlds Edition) $29.99 $17.99
Publisher: FASA
por Nathanael C. [Comprador verificado] Fecha en que fue añadido: 12/17/13 16:13:42

This product definitely falls into the "less than mediocre" range of books I've purchased. As a lover of both the Earthdawn setting and the Savage Worlds rules, I had some high hopes for this conversion, but they were quickly dashed upon the rocks after opening it up to read. It seems as if the writers didn't understand the Savage Worlds game at all. Instead of giving the setting a qualified conversion, they just shoe-horned all of the Earthdawn rules and abilities into an almost exact copy-paste, with just the mechanical terms themselves swapped out for the Savage Worlds equivalents.

As a result, this product is little more than a forced cash-grab. At least the setting information collected inside is decent enough to make it just barely worth two stars.

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Earthdawn Player's Guide (Savage Worlds Edition)
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