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Broken Earth Player's Guide (PFRPG) $6.99
Publisher: Sneak Attack Press
by Trevor P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/17/2013 15:43:03

This product is excellent if you are into post apocalyptic role playing, which is probably why you are looking at this product!

The first section of the PDF deals with a general overview of Broken Earth and it's main setting, Minnesota, but you could easily use this for anywhere in the United States or the world for that matter.

Up next is the Character Creation section, filled with useful tips for building a cohesive post apocalyptic hero (or antihero), complete with some new archetypes for the Alchemist, Fighter, Gunslinger, Rogue, and Monk, as well as a couple of new rage powers for the Barbarian. Because magic does not exist in this world (it is not Shadowrun), the only sort of caster class is the Psion from Dreamscarred Press' material and Sneak Attack Press does a good job of limiting what exactly a Psion can and cannot do in the world. They also suggest to try out the Spell-Less Ranger from Kobold Press, as well as some classes from the Anachronistic Adventures series. The available races are Human, Freaks (which are Ghouls from the Fallout series), Simians (think Planet of the Apes), and Synths (androids).

The next section contains a bit of fluff concerning the major communities and organizations of post apocalyptic Minnesota, most notably The Axe Tribe, a religious, nomadic group of survivors that reveres the spirit Palbun (yes, Paul Bunyan) and in many ways represents a tribe of Native Americans, as well as The Wright Family, from Wright Town (old world Duluth), who are a powerful family that deals mostly in trade and are ruthless in their pursuit of power.

Continuing on, the Gear section is exactly that, a breakdown of the most commonly found gear found in Broken Earth. This section was the only area that was a little lackluster, but not enough to knock it down a peg from where I put it. You can always use your other post apocalyptic books or Fallout strategy guides to fill out any missing gear or guns.

The last section deals with exploring the new world, whether on foot, or in a refurbished vehicle and the dangers of radiation as well as battling other great powers in the wasteland.

Overall, a 5/5 product and HIGHLY recommended if you want to run a post apocalyptic campaign. You'll get a lot of mileage out of this 55 page PDF if you have The Pathfinder Core Book, The Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Campaign, and the bestiaries.

Other things to consider:

The book does not go into a lot of detail on creatures, so you will need to do a bit of leg work in that department. If you've ever played any post apocalyptic or weird wet role playing games (Fallout, Gamma world, Deadlands, etc.) there are plenty of monsters there that can be used for inspiration as well tweaking monsters from the Bestiary.

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Broken Earth Player's Guide (PFRPG)
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