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Leverage Roleplaying Game
Publisher: Margaret Weis Productions
by Tony K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/07/2013 01:33:41

Weis Productions have an incredibly good Talent. They can create a great RPG from an existing property and have it moulded perfectly to that properties world. Leverage is no exception.

The Leverage system is all about 3 things. The Same three things that define the show and make it stand apart from the others. A Good Caper, A Team of 5 people with specific skills who get a chance to show off their skills every episode and Flashbacks being used as a tool to wow the audience, create a good twist and progress the story in exciting ways.

The Book devotes a HUGE section of it's pages to telling the Fixer (the Game master) how to run a good caper. From how to structure the session like a TV 5-part Act, How to create good villains and how to challenge every Team member. A lot of games fall down with weak GM sections, Not this book. I could recommend a GM buy and read this book just for the Fixer section of the book.

Giving each player a Role and letting that role have it's own abilities may sound a bit like using 'Classes' but it isn't. If you make a Hacker he still has to decide which other roles he could perform in a pinch so he might be a Hacker who can fight, a Hacker who can out-think or a Hacker who talk his way through anything. And the best part is that it's the Fixers JOB to give you opportunities to shine, and sometimes the opportunity to do things other then what your best at!

Flashbacks are the most unique part of the system, because they allow players to almost re-write the session. Normal if a player forgot to grab the security codes to get inside the building he would have to convince the GM 'Well obviously I would have thought to do that' - Not in Leverage. Instead the Player creates a Flashback scene where he DID grab the security codes, and the Fixer might ask for a roll or create a complication as a result. Flashbacks mean the Fixer doesn't need to worry to much about accidental Barring the PC's way when he creates a cleaver obstacle, because a creative player can add resources using a flashback!

My only criticisms is that the game is /A specific to one contemporary genre, so it's not to easy to use for other games. B/ A little light on the rules side. However if you DO want to tailor the game to another setting look at other Weis games (especially the core Cortex rules) for an easy solution. As for the light rules, that just depends on what your players like, For me and my's pretty perfect.

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Leverage Roleplaying Game
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