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Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein
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Publisher: Iain Lowson
by Albert S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/24/2013 03:57:16

The writers definitely didnt do their homeworks. As someone actually living in Eastern Europe, I must say that the book got it all wrong about the history, demography and overall situation of the 19th century Hapsburg Empire. I wont give a lecture here, but for example the Romanians going against a unified Austro-Hungarian block in the 1860s is just ridiculous, because after 1848 there was no such unified block for almost 20 years. On the map, they didnt even got the proper names for some of the neighbouring nations!

It was a good idea, combining non-occult horror with alternate history and the revolution theme. It was even a good idea to place it in the area. But it would have been a really good idea to have someone on staff who actually knew a few things about the place and time.

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Creator Reply:
Completely correct about the map (we\'ve covered that over on the website - We\'re very much looking forward to correcting that with the 2nd Edition in 2015.

As to the rest, DH:LoF is an alternative history, not an actual history. As such, it plays around (respectfully) with what happened in the real world at that time so we could create the world setting we needed and let folks tell the stories they want to tell. We did stacks of research, and continue to do so as we work towards our next publication.

One of the things we\'ve always encouraged is for our audience to mess with the background to make it their own for their own campaigns. If you did that, we\'d love to read about the results some time.

Many thanks for your input, Albert. Much appreciated. :)
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Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein
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