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Image Portfolio 010 Superhero $8.00
Publisher: LPJ Design
by John M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/17/2013 09:59:56

The actual quality of the artwork is high. If you like the style (artwork appreciation being subjective), this is a reasonable purchase.

There's a disappointing ratio of men to women (that is, only one of the images is definitely of a woman), and the characters depicted have a certain Iron Age buckles-and-buckels and zippers sameness to them (in fact, half the images are of two characters, so if you don't like them, I would downgrade this to two stars).

I can't speak for anyone else, but if I were looking to use purchased artwork in something I was going to publish, I'd want a variety of characters (no replication), probably a consistency of look (having them all be Iron Age, for example, is a good thing), and a more even gender split. I recognize that the majority of characters are going to be male, but I'm a little disappointed in the 9:1 ratio. From the perspective of a publisher doing this on the cheap, it seems like it might be worthwhile to save the money and save up to have some artwork commissioned, possibly even by the artist here. Then you'd have the characters you want, though you'd have to have less artwork.

Three of the characters are wearing masks of a sort; the rest are barefaced.

Because there does not seem to be a preview, images represented are:

  1. Bald guy happily surviving having been shot at
  2. Masked guy with hoof-like footgear
  3. Menacing glare from zipper techno coverguy
  4. Cover shot
  5. Running speedster (mask)
  6. Mammoth guy in a spiked collar sitting
  7. Taloned guy leaping down
  8. Woman approaching the viewer (mask)
  9. Coverguy breaking the pavement with his fist
  10. Talonguy crouching on a gargoyle

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Image Portfolio 010 Superhero
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