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Triune Corebook (Gamemasters' Edition)
Publisher: Happy Bishop Games
by Erathoniel W. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/03/2011 00:15:29

Triune is a wonderful science-fiction meets religion game not unlike another title I reviewed recently, only way more far along in technology. It's post Eclipse Phase era stuff, all the way to sort of a teleportation-enabled quantum-mechanics abusing society with lots and lots of fun stuff to go with it, as well as the forces of Heaven and Hell fighting and tangible prayers. It's not bad, and it's interesting both for its mechanics and as a game that addresses deep characterization.

I enjoyed the system as a breath of fresh air from the mundane "roll this die" systems that you normally see. Sure it's entirely simple dice roll based, but there's more interaction; players choose how far they wanna push themselves in their actions. The prayer system (though not particularly balanced in terms of firepower for each faith, that is, some have fewer drawbacks for violations of rules and better rewards for those who are faithful) is a unique and interesting way to add a touch of the supernatural in a science fiction method.

The art and writing are good as a general rule. Indeed, the art and typesetting, other than the over-cartoony filters on some of the images, avoid all my usual pet peeves. However, there's nothing super duper spectacular about the art, and the writing has a few errors that do not prevent the text from getting its meaning across. The setting, however, shines above most others in being well thought out, if a little bit unnatural and frightening (though I'm wimpy, so maybe others won't be as bothered, and it's strongly implied and stated that the reader is supposed to be bothered). Indeed, probably my biggest pet peeve the whole time was a reference to the fact that no DNA evidence could be found in an area due to cleaning with alcohol, which is actually used to preserve DNA in solution, and wouldn't destroy it for forensic purposes.

All in all, Triune is one of those exceptional products- it's not perfect, but it has a sense of greatness to it, it's designed with gameplay and setting in harmony and a cut above the rest, and it is just plain interesting. If you only buy one product this year, Triune would be a fine choice.

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Triune Corebook (Gamemasters' Edition)
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