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Doctor Who: Aliens and Creatures
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Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
by Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/01/2010 04:52:28

How anyone could expect to run a game of Doctor Who without this resource is completely beyond me. It gives an overview of all of the major races found in the most recent series of Doctor Who (From Christopher Eccleston through to David Tennat in Series 4), but refreshingly, it makes reference of how the alien races were encountered by former incarnations of the Doctor. Each race is given a detailed treatment from history to culture and notes detailing how they have interacted with the Doctor (think plot summaries of episodes, sometimes from the aliens’ viewpoint). All the classics are here, the Daleks and Cybermen await your leisure, whilst newer foes such as the Weeping Angels are covered too. The PDF comes in six parts, being the Aliens & Creatures Book, an Adventure Book (32 pages of adventures and adventure ideas); Creature Cards; Gadget Cards (providing a ‘ready reference’ tool for GMs, a Handout (a spaceship deck plan usable in one of the Adventures) and a page of Story Point counters that can be cut out for use during play. My main criticism would be that cards produced could have been made a standard size and shape (ie playing cards) which would make them more functional in my opinion. The adventures do need a little work as most of them focus a little heavily on how neat/erratic/centre-stage the Doctor is, and a GM needs to bring the focus firmly back to the PCs. However, this is a danger in any RPG based on a popular Intellectual Property.

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Doctor Who: Aliens and Creatures
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