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Book of the Faithful: The Worshiping Swords (PFRPG) $2.00
Publisher: Jon Brazer Enterprises
by Peter I. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/26/2010 11:36:08

Book of the Faithful II - The Worshipping Swords is a 14 page pdf product detailing nine new and unusual swords all infused with the consciousness of a faithful follower to a god. This product is the second Book of the Faithful released by Jon Brazer Enterprises, the first one dealing with the power of prayer and offering new feats and magic for believers. The overarching theme of the series is that religion does not have to be class specific but that you can use the flavour of religion to offer non-clerics and non-paladins different religious options. This product details nine swords, one for each alignment, and each containing the consciousness of a godly saint, one prepared to serve their god beyond their own mortal lives. This product is compatible with the Pathfinder RPG (and hence 3e d20 OGL as well).

This product comes as a single, neatly presented pdf file. The product includes front and back covers, good bookmarks, a credits and OGL declaration page, and one page of advertisements. Of the 14 pages, 9 pages are devoted to content, one for each sword presented. Artwork for the swords is provided by a number of artists including Sade and Rick Hershey, while writing is done by author Dale C McCoy Jr. The format and presentation is neat and simple, with a good design layout and nothing that detracts from the product. A couple of writing and editing errors slipped through, with some clumsy and long-winded sentences in places, but overall a good effort. The general presentation is about par for the course for such a short product, although artwork count is high, with one good piece for every weapon presented and described.

The premise of this series of product is to give religious characters with non-religious classes access to material and concepts that will help them to expand their characters. In the case of these products, the conscious and intelligent swords provided offer a good way to introduce plot hooks and ideas into the campaign to give such religious characters a natural outlet for their faith. Whether it is to do the bidding of the saint in the weapon, or to destroy the weapon devoted to a specific deity, the product offers options to make faith a central or recurring theme in the campaign setting.

As mentioned earlier, there are nine swords, one for each of the nine primary alignments. Each sword comes with a decent back story or background, detailing the origins of the weapon and the consciousness that it holds. Examples of the swords include one created by a young brass dragon to serve the deities of fire, or another being the phylactery of a powerful lich that holds the lich's very soul. The backgrounds provided lend new ideas to the reader as well as providing some useful flavour to the weapon statistics. Each weapon comes with a detailed set of powers and abilities, and some of the weapons are on the high end of powerful abilities, so not to be given out lightly. I generally enjoyed the various write-ups and found them useful and intriguing enough to be able to include them in any suitable campaign setting. In general, though, these are more the weapons for the highly powerful and skilled characters (the lowest weapon cost starts at 50000 gp), rather than beginners and as such might not get to see so much use. Perhaps some sort of tiered ability structure would've made them more useful across more levels.

Overall, there's plenty of useful material in this product and some fascinating stories that the DM can not only use for these weapons but perhaps even integrate further into the campaign setting, thereby building a whole adventure or adventures around the weapon and its history. On the down side, not so useful for the lower level characters, and it would've been nice to see something that such characters could use as well. Good and useful product.

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Book of the Faithful: The Worshiping Swords (PFRPG)
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