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Publisher: Heske Horror
by Brian L. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/01/2010 10:50:11

from I really enjoyed Robert Heske's last anthology “Bone Chiller,” and his latest collection tackles a subject I find very interesting: the predicted end of the world. “2012: Final Prayer” is an anthology that offers a variety of perspectives on 12-21-12, the day the Mayan calendar ends and the apocalypse supposedly occurs.

Over a dozen stories by different writers and artists look at different aspects of the end of the world. Chris McJunkin's “Final Choices” explores the idea that when the world comes to an end, everyone will experience it differently. Jim Alexander and Andrew Dodd's “Manchester” follows a man whose last day on earth turns out to be his happiest. Dino Caruso's “Hollow Victory” sees scientists send a man into the future to see if the apocalypse really occurs. He finds that it has, and ironically his beloved Chicago Cubs won the world series right before the world ended.

My favorite of the bunch though is Arno Hurter and David Edwards' “Bird's Eye View.” The story follows Capitan Gregory Burke, a US astronaut that happens to be in orbit aboard a space shuttle when 12-21-12 hits. Not only does he watch the end of the world from afar, he finds out that the planet was merely a vessel, an incubator for something that is finally ready to hatch. He records his final moments as a record of the last day of humanity.

With “2012: Final Prayer,” Robert Heske has again pulled together an interesting collection of stories from a variety of creative teams. The anthology is well worth checking out if you have an interest in the end times.

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2012: Final Prayer
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