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Indego Blue #1
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Publisher: Saint James Comics
by Steven S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 11/04/2009 17:35:38

Looking at the cover of this issue immediately took me back to when I used to play the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness” RPG. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that “Indego Blue” takes me right back to the best TMNT comics mood-wise of today and yore within the first few pages! All great things, folks. I guess I’m a sucker for mutant animal comics.

The opening exposition is told in a fast, semi-detailed first person style, and it explains that, basically, genetic “splicing” between human and animals has led to these “genetic mutts” being kicked to the curb socially and hunted down “like vermin”.

Our story stars and is narrated by the titular character, Indego Blue. He’s a dog-man with no memory of his past, or who he really is, and completely dedicated to saving those “transplants” like himself. This comic has all the tropes we’ve come to love: action, adventure, mystery, a tech-geek sidekick (named Baxter), heroics and a determined villain who works for an evil corporation. While not wholly original by any stretch, “Indego Blue” proves to quite the kick in the pants, and is a great comic to pick up for those who are growing tired with standard mainstream super-tights titles.

And, as mentioned before, this comic nicely captures the spirit of TMNT, which itself was a parody of comics like Daredevil and the like. The art is non-complex black & white; with strong line work, great inking, good layout and terrific pacing. The dialog flows smoothly with only a couple hiccups here and there. The writing, while uncomplicated, is strong and sets up in superb fashion the universe in which this story takes place. The lettering is excellent, my only (tiny) gripe with it being some bubbles and text-boxes having a little too much space around the letters—but hey, this will NOT detract from the story one bit. Overall, this book is a well-built, above-average offering showcasing sequential storytelling skill and talent.

In other words: Totally worth reading. Oh, and this book is fun. I like fun. If you like fun, too, you should give “Indego Blue” a gander. Come on, it’s a steal at $1 for 28 pages!

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Indego Blue #1
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