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Faery's Tale Figures $5.00
Publisher: Arion Games
by Carl C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/20/2007 10:39:03

I own at least twelve sets of Arion Games figures, and while I generally find them to be high-quality and very satisfying, I'm disappointed in this set. I feel like it was rushed to market without taking the time to do it right.

While it's challenging to represent inches-tall characters in table-top miniatures, the artist has ignored scale altogether here. The giant, dragon, hag, troll and goblins are all the same size... human-sized. As are the fox and the insects. Basically, every character got a 1" square to fit into, regardless of their proper size, and they all more or less fill their squares.

That isn't typical of AG figures... I have the same troll from another set and it's a larger figure in that set. And the cut-out lines are typically fitted to the width of the character, instead of being a fixed 1" wide.

The faeries themselves are disappointing. The choices are limited... you have only two choices per type/sex. All the brownies are dumpy. I know pooka's aren't exactly sexy, but I don't recall them being described as green-skinned... they look like bad guys, especially because two of the four carry weapons. They'd make great goblins, and because of this I think care should have been taken to make sure they didn't look like bad guys.

The sprites are armed with fancy forged weapons... none are armed with "a sword made from a sewing needle" as described in the book, which would have been a really nice touch. Little of the armor looks "sprite-ish". I recognize the limitations of the artistic medium... armor made of bark and other natural materials would be a lot of work to build models for, but it's the kind of thing that would have really set this product apart. As it is, it feels like they very much made-do with what they had on hand, and what they had on hand just wasn't appropriate.

The pixies are pretty good, though I'm not sure what's up with the "giant butterfly pattern centered on the crotch" pants one male is wearing. But I suspect they're pretty good because faery wings and dresses are readily available as Poser models.

I think this product would be a lot better if:

The scale issues were addressed. (Giants should be "giant", yo.) There were more faeries to choose from. The faeries looked more like the illustrations and descriptions in the book. The Squirrel didn't look evil.

It would really be cool to have figures at two different scales... faeries, goblins, bugs and small animals at a scale where the faery figures are 1" tall (and the squirrel is 2" tall), and then another set where humans are 1" tall and the faeries are scaled down to something smaller but still recognizable, and the giant is 3 or 4" tall.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you for your very detailed review.

There are a few things that need to be remembered for this set, which puts some of your valid comments into context.
The first is that one of the target audiences for both this set and the game itself is for children, possibly as young as six years old. Following discussions between ourselves and Firefly Games it was decided to make all of the figures as large as possible, both to make handling as easy for young players, but also to provide maximum visual impact. These figures are simply designed to help younger players visualise the relative locations of their characters. The requirement for visual impact also influenced our choice of colours and textures

As far as the Faerys themselves go, we did try and work as close as possible with Firefly games to get something visually appealing, and appropriate. For example, Pookas are described as "naughty, wild faeries" with "Skin colors (that) tend to be bluish or greenish". Similarly, many of the weapons, shields etc are depicted as traditional forged weapons in the rule book. However, it would be very difficult to exactly replicate the style of another artist.

However, i fully realise that this set is different in format to our other sets. We did attempt to make this clear in our product description, but we will amend that to further emphasise the point.

In addition, we are considering an "adult" version of this set to provide a different scaled version. Please see our Forums at:
w w for more discusion about this.
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