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Curseborne: Ashcan Edition $4.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Weston [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/15/2024 16:54:48

This is definitely an interesting look at an upcoming game by Onyx Path. I really like the fluff fiction and how open your backstory can be in terms of how you become Accursed; it seems you largely either inherit a curse, someone else curses you, or you take an action or deal that gets you cursed. I also really enjoy the details about the Outside realms and the Liminalities. The worldbuilding seems REALLY strong here so far, which I take as a good sign that the lore will be interesting. I was not exactly thrilled at the power levels of the Lineage so far. I think certain things need tweaked. For example, the Wild Form for the Primals seems underwhelming, especially when it has a flat disadvantage whereas the Hungry can do what the Primals can, and more, without a shape that can make them attack everyone, and they only suffer from very situational banes when they do so, PLUS they have an option to Regenerate where the Primals don't. Also, I question why Primals, the ones tied to a Creature that is themed with specific animals (wolves, cats, etc.) can't innately turn into these "natural" animal forms. Instead, they have to use Spells to do that. I argue Primals should just have this built-in. This lack of power is a problem for other Lineages as well, I think. The Dead can turn intangible and leave and return to their bodies but that seems to be the bulk of what makes them special. Meanwhile the Outcasts have these cool true forms that can grant them a guaranteed hit and they can go to the Outside much easier than others, but the material itself specifically says that their true forms don't really otherwise have mechanical potency on their own without spells, which seems like an odd choice for beings that are supposed to be semi-divine. I also think the Hyde is a rather weak character archetype and my least favorite out of all the Families from all the Lineages but that is more subjective. I think Primals should be focused more on being bonded to an animal Creature, not... Mad scientists tampering with the Creature. The Hydes would make more sense in a Lineage focused on hubristic scientists. Overall, this Ashcan is useful and gives us a basic glance at what we can expect from the full game. I think this game has a lot of potential, but I hope the mechanics are tweaked between now and when the full game is released.

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Curseborne: Ashcan Edition
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