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Sironomandidi: Hero Wars in the East Isles - Vol 4 $15.00
Publisher: Chaosium
by Nick [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/24/2024 04:45:33

"Sironomandidi" is a sandbox setting for the Hero Wars in the East Isles campaign, detailing the large island of Sironomandidi, famous for its cave cities and rival factions of humans and Elder Races. Like "Griffin Mountain," the book introduces an exotic setting providing everything a game master needs to run an extended campaign here, with extensive rumour tables and encounter charts (for the Korolan Islands as well as Sironomandidi) and dozens of pages of more-or-less fleshed-out adventure ideas. Every NPC encounter has tips that could set up a session or more of play. The book is integrated with previous volumes in the series, cross-referencing each NPC’s previous appearances and statblocks. If you’ve followed the Hero Wars in the East Isles campaign so far, you won’t want to miss this latest instalment, which also serves as a great model for creating a character-led sandbox. It’s a remarkable achievement!

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Sironomandidi: Hero Wars in the East Isles - Vol 4
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