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Super Character Generator $1.99
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by John [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/24/2024 15:23:44

This has the potential to be a good product, but it seems to be unfinished. The book starts off by telling you how it will aid you in developing a character and is divided into four sections.

Section I helps you decide on a background for your character. The author presents 10 archetypes on which to base a character, such as the investigator, the tough guy, or the scientist. Each entry is given some brief advice on how it might be customized (and this part could be expanded) and provides a fully-fleshed out basic character minus Hindrances and Super-Powers.

Section II introduced 10 Power Sets, collections of powers that work well together. The author promises a brief discussion of each set, but there are only two that are covered (which is why I say it looks unfinished). Each power set is given a selection of powers appropriate to the character type (Blaster, for example) at all five levels of play (I-V). This is the most fleshed-out section of the book and does a lot of the heavy lifting for you, which is very handy.

Section III is the Hindrance packages, divided into groupings like Clown, Family, or Strange Visitor. Each package provides four points worth of Hindrances appropriate to the type. Also provided is a list of Villainous complications to aid harried gamemasters.

Finally is the Appendixes, which includes "additional powersets, skills and complications that are not quite as generic, or would be more complicated to use. You will also find commentary and a couple of random character generators here as well." The problem here is, it contains only a short list of sets with no explanation or details whatsoever.

As I said, this has the potential to be a good, even great, product, but in its current state, I can't give it more than two stars. If finished and fully fleshed out, and perhaps professionally formatted, I would love to give a new review. You will find it useful for the power sets, but everything else falls flat.

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Super Character Generator
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