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Quietus: Drug Lord, Poison King Pay What You Want
Publisher: White Wolf
by DSC T. G. C. _. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/21/2020 17:57:30

Quietus Drug Lord Poison King presents us with a really drastic rework of the Assassimite clan discipline.

The Tabletop Gaming Club really wishes we could say more about this product, but honestly this product is flawed. This product suffers from horrible and inconsitent layout, along with poor editing. The layout is so distracting it makes it hard to actually read. Not only is the layout bad... some pages have a randomly different color background.. and each page is a non-searchable picture pdf rather a searchable text based pdf.

The Tabletop Gaming Club really really wants to recommend this product, and since its pay what you want, we will recommend grabbing a copy, but in its current condition we wouldn't pay more than zero for it.

We do not want the author to become discouraged at all though. This product does have potential and we recomend the author update the book with a better layout and maybe have an editior look at it. We recommend the author reach out to the Storyteller Vault facebook group as many of the other vault authors would probably be willing to help or give advice.

Update: The author has edited this product and removed the random colored backgrounds and has made it searchable, but it still suffers from poor layout.

Update 2 Response to Author: More than 6 members for the Tabletop Gaming Club went through this product before we posted this rewiew. And all input given, was on the layout of this product and how much the layout distracted from the reading of the product. We honestly don't think this is a scathing review. We honestly think that this product can be much better with simple editing and consistent layout. Please consider reaching out to storyvault community on facebook, or joining the writers group, cause it would not take much to make this a 5 star product.

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Creator Reply:
Your criticism has been taken onboard. I've rushed to create an updated version with a cleaner look and bookmarks. It was tough with the potato I'm using, but perhaps it may satisfy.
Is not liking the layout really worth such a scathing review? You've not even discussed the contents.
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Quietus: Drug Lord, Poison King
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