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Publisher: SHM Publishing
by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/13/2021 11:44:55

This is an adventure for Pathfinder 1.0./D&D 3.5. I used the Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox to solo this 4-hour adventure. There are 22 pages to this module which includes five young goblin characters and one talking worg. The adventure starts off giving you some background on the characters (which explains how they got their equipment). The villain is determined randomly and the same method is used for the NPCs that come up missing. In my run through, the worg stayed with the last two NPCs at the inn. He tried to protect them, but he was immobilized. The others had to damage the corn maze to get out of there. After the villain was taken out at the mines, the goblins found some dynamite. They kept exploring and found a violet pumpkin fungus thrashing about in the bottom of a triggered pit trap. They used the dynamite to kill it – they were itching to use their new weapon. They dropped the evil artifact down a pit which looked like it was bottomless. They enjoyed the party at the end when they were honored for their brave deeds. Give this fun adventure a try!

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Savage Company Seasonal Special
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