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Arcane Tradition: School of Cruormancy $1.99 $1.00
Publisher: Underground Oracle Publishing
by Matthew F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/30/2020 09:03:43

Jess and Keith hit another home run with this Arcane Tradition. Blood magic has always been an elusive type of arcane power in my setting. Between this and "Esoteric Texts: Spells of Cruormancy" it has become almost effortless to introduce the new type of magic to my world. The spells and subclass are very well balanced in my opinion and I would 100% let any of my players pull spells from it or use this tradition. Underground Oracle is the 1st third party publisher I go to when looking for something new to introduce into my world, and they never disappoint.

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Arcane Tradition: School of Cruormancy
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