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Sunfall $9.99
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
by Guillaume T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/22/2020 14:20:59

Sunfall holds a very special place in my Genesys collection.

To start with, the setting is refreshing. It's nothing like I ever played. It's not a postapocalyse but rather a post-post-apocalypse. It's not like "appocalypse has struck us and now we gotta do what we need to survivre". No. The apocalypse took place, people adapted and years/generations have passed. It's a whole new world where humanity is thriving despite the evernight and sunless cold world.

The setting has new interesting options, including a revenant archetype and even a demon possessing a host. New magic options are well implemented and gives an interesting twist to the setting. The mix of intriguate old world high tech/magical weaponry with present day (in-universe) blends well with the setting. You'll also find bunch of new adversaries to throw at your PCs.

The author is an incredible world builder. The universe is rich and the writing style is awesome! Right now, the book is mostly artless despite its great layout but I know the author is currently making some art pieces to include in the book.

Regions are detailed with adventure hooks and mysteries here and there. It offers options for a vast array of adventure types whether you're supporting the inquisition effort, engage in political intrigue, scavenge old ruins, and even raid the Hell. You read it right! The humans hold ground in hell where they bring the fight to demons! How cool is that?

Make yourself a favor and get that awesome document!

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