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Face the Music - 5e Encounter $2.00
Publisher: Oz Mills
by Cameron D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/14/2020 17:22:03

This little beauty is cute, simple, and for any music lovers. Oz did a great job in making an instrument based encounter with tons of little bonus bardic tools of melody and harmony in the back, all packed into seven pages. It is crisp and clear to follow, making it something any intro DM should pick up to run for their players if they need a little something. My main concern is that it needs more color and action and excitement - I want art and layout and sketches or something to break up the cream-and-tan color pallete and make it POP. I think once that is added, it will be worth the $2.00. Otherwise, give this tiny trumpet a toot!

Comics, Clerics, & Controllers d20 Roll: 15

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Face the Music - 5e Encounter
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