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100 Books to Find on a Mage’s Bookshelf $1.25
Publisher: White Wolf
by Charles S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/07/2019 22:34:16

This is a nice little book describing 100 books that a mage could have on their shelf. The books are fairly sparsely defined with a title, author and a very brief description. They are good for a bit of flavor and could act as the basic version of a grmoire. the biggest criticism I have is that the text is handling a two-page spread as a single page, which makes it more awkward to read.

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Creator Reply:
I thought that template didn't seem to be working right. I've uploaded a new version that should fix it, although I may upload another version again at a later point, as I wasn't entirely happy with this one.
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100 Books to Find on a Mage’s Bookshelf
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