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Instant Adversaries $1.99
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
by James B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/13/2019 13:18:43

Whoa... this is so much cooler than I expected. Do not be fooled by its length. I basically just purchased this on the good name of Sterling Hershey... and it did NOT disappoint.

This PDF gives you a form for each of the 6 main abilities and with these you can flesh out something to fight in about 15 seconds. (I am not joking). Select a stat set, fill out secondary stats, pick an ability or two, and a skill set. Done.

I just got done prepping for a 4 day weekend gaming session coming this weekend. I bought this today and am now printing out several copies of the forms in case I need them. Brilliant.

Hershey, if I could make a suggestion... add pages at the back (with no background art) that is a full page of one stat (so 6 pages). Here is a low res example of something I slapped together to print out for gaming this weekend...

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Instant Adversaries
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