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City of Mist: All-Seeing Eye Investigations Starter Set $14.95
Publisher: Son of Oak Game Studio
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/09/2019 10:30:17

City of Mist is a game that oozes flavor and has the flexibility to satisfy most player palletes. I've found that the starter set does a great job explaining the system mechanics with my appreciattion going to the point-by-point explanation of the character sheet and the sample playthrough to help explain how a typical session might go.

I will say it is a bit odd that there is one pdf file that has the MC (Master of Ceremonies - this iteration of a Game Master) portion added onto the Player portion, almost as if you had two seperate pdfs which are literally stacked on top of each other. Even so, the MC guide has a wealth of information and tips on how to understand and run the system.

One particular ssue has prevented me from giving a full five star review, that unlike the original starter set, there are no print friendly versions of the character sheets provided in the pdf. To print one for player use, printing the full page renders most of the mechanical power tag text quite hard to read, and the amount of pdf manipulating to print the provided sheets into two landscape sheets is currently out of my scope of skill. I would encourage an update where players could have the option to print a more printer friendly copy of the sheets.

To players looking to create their own personal Rifts (player characters) you won't find that information here. That is exclusive to the corebooks, and it doesn't like the company plans on releasing that information officially. Personally, I wish character creation was available freely given the setting and mechanics of the core game are enough to justify the core books value on their own, but it is tediously difficult to walk my online players through character creation.

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City of Mist: All-Seeing Eye Investigations Starter Set
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