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5e Homebrew Edition Players Handbook Pay What You Want
Publisher: Rob Masters
by Xorn X. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/02/2019 18:29:03

I really great book. Yes it is a whole book! And it has 146 pages, even if you substract all pages that have no real content! This book is a real labour of love by a fan, for the fans!

What is the content?

A new way to assign existing feats, according to background and attributes of your character.

Eight pages of new feats.

Homebrewed classes

Character concepts

Bbest of all: It is pay what you want! So you can get that book for the price of a cup of coffee or even for free, in case you are really broke or dirt poor. Even if you do not like all ideas in the book, you will be able to get lots of new ideas to use in your campaign.

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5e Homebrew Edition Players Handbook
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