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Cepheus: Faster Than Light! Pay What You Want
Publisher: Stellagama Publishing
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/11/2019 01:17:34

Cepheus: Faster Than Light is just about all you'd need to play, but it lacks a few things you'd need to run the game. There is nothing on planet/system building, building your own ships or vehicles or trade. However, that's not a problam though as Cepheus Light is also "pay what you want", available here and that adds everything else you'd need!

I will add one nit-pick, though, and that is the lack of a Trader/Broker skill in both of Omer's Light versions of Cepheus. I typically run Merchant campaigns or, at least, the PC's are having to "do trade" to keep their heads above water and make their ship payments. :) I've decided that I'm going to add it myself at 1/2 the number of terms a character was in the Merchant career...1 term = Trader-0, 2 or 3 terms = Trader-1, 4-5 terms = Trader-2, etc. I know Omer included other skills for the find cargo / negotiate price routine, but I want something specific and I'm going to let the Trader skill replace any of the other skills used for Trading. This is just a nit-pick, though, as using Liasion/Streetwise/Admin/Carousing/Int/Soc would get the job done.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the review!

Indeed, for running the game, you will be well served by getting Cepheus Light.

As for trading, I felt that it was context-dependent; the skill depends on what you trade and with whom. Trading with a corporation will use Admin, as you'll have to negotiate a proper contract. Unless you close the deal with their CEO over a cocktail or at the gambling table, in which case it will be Carousing. Black marketeering uses Streetwise. In most other cases, you use Liaison. Oh, and Deception can be handy, too, in some "niche" cases :-)
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Cepheus: Faster Than Light!
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