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Oh, I Hate Spiders! - A 5e side trek adventure $0.00
Publisher: Terry Herc
by Adrian M. G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/12/2019 10:09:28

This is a fun little adventure. I believe the premise and original quest are cleverly designed, and would make for a good one-off session.

If I can give some constructive criticism to the adventure, it would be:

  • Missing maps for more levels of the inn. Granted, these are easy to improvise, but it would have been a nice touch for completeness sake (cellar, second level, etc).
  • The table with "Hazards" is quite nice, but would benefit from some more writeup. The trapped guest makes a nice touch, to have a non-combat encounter. Who is it? Add more check ideas (e.g. Persuasion to calm the guest down, or have them hand a useful potion to the party (of hill giant strength, makes grappling checks for capturing the spiders easier?)).
  • The rarity ranking of the "Phase Belt" is probably completely off, since it's a 1/day item, with a huge drawback; seems weaker than rare to me.
  • There is no indication as to what a "swarm of bees" is. I assume a "swarm of insects" from the basic rules, but with a flying speed?

All in all, and given that it is FREE I would encourage everyone to get this whilst they can, and have run with this adventure.

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Oh, I Hate Spiders! - A 5e side trek adventure
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