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TinyZine: Issue 3 $2.99
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games
by John P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/16/2018 15:20:30

Another step up. There's a lot more here than you would expect from just 10 pages. It includes...

  • 2 new Heritages. Minotaur is pretty solid, but I think needs a trait for natural weapons, like Karhu or Hatchlings. The three optional traits inlcuded with this heritage are all good; I plan to make them available more widely in my campaign. The second new Heritage is Glitterbug, which is perfect for TD Hatchling Edition.

  • 4 new magic items related to the new heritages. All four are useful, and also provide good models for what a magic item should do in TD2e.

  • 2 new traits and a new prestige trait (Weapon Master) designed for fighters. The prestige trait also includes 8 "style benefits" that look a lot like new traits to me. So I may just break these out and use them on their own.

Continues TinyZine's trend of improvement. Definitely worth picking up.

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TinyZine: Issue 3
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