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White Box : Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game $0.00
Publisher: Seattle Hill Games
by Tyler C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/10/2019 23:35:57

I have played and run almost every OSR game out there to date. But White Box : Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game takes the cake. Charlie has really outdone himself and presented us with an amazing, easily accessable game. I also have to mention the price. This game costs less than a latte though it does sell for a higher price on Drivethru. I have used this to start several gaming clubs and introduce about 30 people to table top gaming. The new edition has improved the Thief class with a better HP progression and the monsters and spells sections are now two columns. Overall, great improvements to an already fantastic game! White Box : Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game has really inspired me as a GM and I now really look forward to running my weekly sessions after having burnt out on other systems. Easily hackable, simple to create new classes for, I haven't had this much fun gaming in years. Charlie's game has inspired me to start a blog about my home campaign which I plan on releasng in print in the near future. To see what this game can do, I invite thoses interesetd to check out my blog:

Your imaginiation is the limit! Thanks for completely renewing my interst in runing games Charlie and for getting me back in the GM seat with worlds to explore.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
White Box : Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game
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