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Blood & Bronze: rules $7.50
Publisher: Cyclopean Games
by Ahimsa K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/12/2016 10:00:39

Disclosure: I asked for and was sent a copy to review.

Blood and Bronze seems to rest its hat on the setting. It's Mythical Mesopotamia, the land of flooding twin rivers, which to me is just a brilliant idea. In this case, it's a fantastical, quasi-historical land, and there is definitely a Zothique/Lankmar feeling to the setting.

The art is really great. Maybe my favorite since Astonishing Swordsmen.

The player classes aren't entirely new but in general look interesting, particularly the mystic's lotus spells and the seers bone salts. I also quite like that nomads and courtesans are basic class choices. It implies a game not reliant on dungeon delving and violence, but there are plenty of combat rules and tricks for those who do enjoy rolling for iniative.

While the classes aren't entirely original, the ability scores are certainly more so. Gone are stalwarts like strength and constitution and instead we have guile, lore, sense, craft, vigor, and might. Okay, that last two are basically CON and STR but it's still a nice change that seems to fit the system well.

Given the time period and the setting, I would have liked to see maybe Hammurabi the seer, Enkidu the wildman, or Gilgamesh the mercenary incorporated into it. Maybe some war chariots too. There is some sub-optimal placement, as the character sheet seems kind of haphazardly inserted into the middle. Finally, there are quite a few pages that explain what an RPG is and define terms. I suspect most people who pick this up will know what they are getting. Nonetheless, this is quite a triumph of really cool ideas placed in a setting that practically writes its own adventures.

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Blood & Bronze: rules
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