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Maelstrom Storytelling (Dogbound Edition) $4.95
Publisher: Precis Intermedia
by Scott F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/05/2015 22:53:41

The classic Story Engine in its infancy, with a full world setting, coupled with the fact that the Story Engine Rules (sold separately), can be fused seamlessly with it makes this a true gem for lovers of Roleplaying over Roll-playing. An influence on most modern storytelling games, Maelstrom deserves a solid place on your shelf. Although a little outdated (the Story Engine is a more refined and clarified set of rules), Maelstrom still holds it's own, with a setting, races, and numerous factions to play any type of game with. From murder mysteries to adventuring, Maelstrom offers players a broad selection of options to choose from. If you're a fan of FATE, Precis Intermedia's other RPG systems, such as the Masterbook system, the genreDiversion3E or Story Engine rules (or any of the more other "scene-amatic" games) Maelstrom still offers up the goods, even at the expense of its age. Prepare your Krel Airship and sail into the realms of the twin suns or journey through realms of your choosing. It all starts here.

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Maelstrom Storytelling (Dogbound Edition)
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