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Be A Better Battle Master $4.95
Publisher: Absolute Tabletop
by Xorn X. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/02/2019 18:16:26

Well, it is quite difficult for me to write a review. Why? Because this booklet is very, very short. However, it has one brilliant idea on how to create interesting battles and/or points of decisions for adventures. If you give your players some options to decide for A or B or C and map out, how things will go forward at a latter stage of that battle, that really makes for interesting battles. Your players will not be able to do A and B and C. Therefore, whatever they do, will result in a different second stage of the battle. This makes for really interesting scenarios, as your players will be able to influence things, while you are still able to make at least some bad things happen and increase tension, regardless of what the players do (if players defend against A, meanwhile threat B will grow and create complications later on). It is like a decision tree, where every decisions the players make, will lead to different results later on.

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Be A Better Battle Master
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