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Saga of the Splintered Realm Book 1: Core Rules Pay What You Want
Publisher: Splintered Realms Publishing
by Brian R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/07/2015 23:20:59

Now I may have not been apart of the Kick Starter for this little gem. But I do appreciate the effort given towards this product. So I thought I would leave a little review about this product. So lets start this out by saying, its a blend of both old school D&D and an attempting at blending some elements from 5th edition and other variants of the sort. There is no all or nothing method, and offers different variations of the themes. Ability scores range from 2 to 12 but still keeps the same standard modifers.

Task resolution uses the d20 like most systems of this sort but are called a "Feat Roll" , but offers a mix of a bonus equal to half your level plus modifiers for other factors such as class , or ability score (or ability modifier). There are no saving throws, and no skills, everything has been condensed into the 'Feat Roll " mentioned. I would have liked to ahve seen some effort on adding at least background skills, to help flesh out a character beyond just class abilities and raw ability scores.

Damage, have been simplified and condensed into an easy dice range. (either d4,d6,d8, or d10). Hitpoints are the same regardless of class, so everyone has the same chances of survival.

What really makes this game shine for me, is the Talents system that was created for its use. Talents are special abilities, that players can add when they have reached an appropriate level. Which varies from class to class. But this lets you create characters far more unique then they would be with just a class. Now you can have a warrior that can cast a spell , or a wizard that can wear armor and cast spells!! or a cleric, that can sneak like a thief. or a thief that can turn undead!! The options are pretty open ended here.

Magic doesn't need much touching on, other than that it is split between arcane and divine. And ranges in power from 1 to 6.

The default monetary system is in Silver, thank you! I've always personally hated gold being the standard.

And in the back of the book, you will find callings. Which are like prestidge classes that you can add on to your character (but is more like a package of abilities, instead of an entire new class that you ahve worry levels about). Instead you pay a premium of experience to keep the benefits, making it far slower for you to level up.Such callings include, Druid, bard, palading, etc.. Just meet the requirements for the calling, and you can add it to gain the abilities.

Over all this is a easy game system, that has enough options that allow you to still come up with a character you wish. Sage of the Splintered Realm is a far superior game to the original basic Dungeons & Dragons I grew up with and 3.5 D&D In my opinion (which has grown too complicated and rules heavy with options). And I would definetly play this game, even though there is room for some improvements. Which can usually be hand waved with optional rules by a clever GM.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks for the kind words, Brian! I appreciate the feedback. I\'m absolutely \'standing on the shoulders of giants\' here, and have had 40 years of good ideas to pick and choose from, as well as a group of great players who provided invaluable feedback throughout the process. I\'m proud of the way the game uniquely solves problems I had with B/X, and I\'m glad you like the Talent system. I agree that it adds a great deal of flavor to a character with almost no mechanical bloat, which was a big deal for me from a design standpoint.

I really appreciate it that you took the time to read through the game and post a thoughtful review!

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Saga of the Splintered Realm Book 1: Core Rules
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