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Dragonslayer Role-Playing Game $30.00
Publisher: OSR Publishing
by Nick [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/14/2024 09:27:10

Full disclosure: I'm a backer for the product and I'm a OSR gamer. Technically speaking, been gaming since 1981. When Greg announce he was going through with this project, I jumped a the opportunity. My review will be a simple pros and cons list, which is based upon my opinion and expectations. this review is also based upon the PDF. PROS and CONS -layout is excellent. easy to read. hyperlinked pages for ease of navigation.

artwork is excellent. getting some of the older artists mixed in with some contemporary ones makes a great mix of styles, and yet the overall feel is IMO like being time warped back to '81. Fantastic game mechanics are excellent. a carefully crafted mixture of Moldvay B/X and 1st ed AD&D, just like a lot of use did back in the day. Greg's is definitely more polished and has more thought into it. examples are clear and concise for combat, use of minis, etc. character classes are excellent. all of the core classes are recognizable, and yet Greg gave each one some unique abilities. Even the fighter, which gets a cleave attack. basically if the fighter outright kills an opponent, they get an extra attack every two levels of the fighter. Pretty cool, imo. His version of the monk is a really interesting and unique take based upon the Western monastic orders. races are very good. all of the standard races are there. He did add one, the Cyclopsmen, which are OK, but just a little weird imo. If you want a really unique roll-playing challenge, play a Cyclopsman. I guess if I had a CON for the book it's the Cylcopsmen. flexibility of rules is excellent. IMO this is where the games really shines. you want to add a class like the bard? no problem. want to use ascending AC? you can do that too. I think Greg really did a good job of striking a balance between having a core rule set with some minor house rules he's incorporated (crits and fumbles for example), and yet if you want to add or subtract things around the core, the whole thing doesn't come crashing down.

This is my review as of right now. I will add more if possible in the future.

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Dragonslayer Role-Playing Game
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