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High-Space Battlemaps: Firelight Scout Ship $1.00
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/29/2013 08:45:48

If you enjoy beautifully-detailed technical plans and battlemaps of all manner of spacecraft to enhance your space gaming, this is a real treat!

To start with, there is a delightful 'scout ship' design called the Firelight. The detail is amazing, you can just about hear the hum of the drives and see the medical equipment at work... as well as the large-scale battlemap version spread over several pages, there's a one-page overview, a sheet with all the stats, and a rather nice 'scan' in green...

Then several other smaller (mostly singleship) vessels get the same treatment. Some are designed for combat, others could be one-man scout or courier vessels.

Just looking at them starts spawning adventures that take your ship beyond being a means from getting from A to B (or a mere fighting vehicle) to becoming an integral part of the plot, part of the stories you will tell in your science fiction alternate reality.

A real treat, and a fine addition to the diversity of craft plying the space lanes in your universe, whether you play High Space with the Savage Worlds ruleset or any other far future game.

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High-Space Battlemaps: Firelight Scout Ship
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