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Delta Green: PX Poker Night $0.00
Publisher: Pagan Publishing
by Jazmin O. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/21/2013 20:56:58

I downloaded this not specifically for BRP, or CoC but for a Cthulhu themed game that could be inserted into another rpg system.

On my home computer the maps look really fuzzy/distorted, but on my tablet they look ok.

I ran this today at a gaming meetup and there were some thoughts as I was prepping this module as a coc game. Another thought for the map is an infirmary (if there are pregens with the Medical/first aid skill and on a military base it would make sense for one to be somewhere). I also made one of the vacant hangars a make shift gym.

There are a lot of typos, and blank entries for the pregens (one of the women had nothing in her damage bonus, for example). Also another problem I ran into was I was trying to print out the pregens (the last 10-15 pages of the pdf) and all I would get is words overlapping each other, rendering them useless.

Afterwards, play of the module went really well. I really liked that there were sidebars with the Timeline of events and the Sanity of the SONNET device. I had 3 players who played Frank Long, Bob Price and Michael O'Shea. They had a lot of fun with the sanity-at one point Michael went into indefinite insanity mode-and was on morphine at the same time, Frank was actively trying to burn down the base with the fuel tankers, and Bob at the end was babbling (somehow Frank 'understood' what Bob was saying by body language). They all ended up going AWOL and living in Mexico.

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Delta Green: PX Poker Night
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