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Nochet: Adventurer's Guide (RuneQuest) $8.99
Publisher: Chaosium
by Nick [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/20/2023 12:22:52

A superb companion and expansion to Harald Smith's comprehensive tome "Nochet, Queen of Cities," two-thirds of the material in this book is entirely new and covers adventurer creation, new cults and occupations, in-world narratives for both newcomers and residents introducing the city, and a fully-detailed example of an Enfranchised House and its clients and friends. The reprinted material is all player-facing: in particular, the "Getting Around" section (which summarises every district and its neighbourhoods in a characterful page or two, without detailing every building) opens the City up for players to explore, while preserving all the GM’s secrets.

New occupations include Laborer, Overseer, Sailor, Servant, and two specialist types of Warrior: Marine and Militia, plus Background and Recent Events tables.

Short-form cult writeups for Delaeo (Beauty and Good Fortune), Delaina (Music and Wisdom), Durev (the Everyman), Ernalda Talosa (Mother of Serpents), Imarja (the Creatrix), Irillo (the Good Defender), Kadone (the Grounder), Ketha (Land Goddess), Lyksos (River God), Auntie Nym (thieves’ spirit cult), Orana (Fertility, Pleasure and Marriage), Panaxles (the Builder), Serdrodosa (the Earth Witch), Sestarto (the Artist) and Vogarth (Strongman), plus two pages of cult special Rune magics.

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Nochet: Adventurer's Guide (RuneQuest)
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