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CE 2 - The Black Goat $2.52 $2.51
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/04/2013 10:40:56

This is a neat little resource with the potential to become a recurring feature of your campaign world. Picture a simple community in a high mountain pass, clustered around a potent oracle... just saying that spawns concepts of somewhere your characters might want to visit, perhaps for advice... or of course they might just need to get to the other side of the mountains, and will need to negotiate their way past those who dwell in the pass.

The inhabitants are well detailed and the actual pass itself mapped out, making any encounter you choose to run very easy. Moreover, there are TWO tribes involved, the humanoids living here and another group dwelling nearby, both of whom have scope for development as recurring groups in your adventures.

The oracle herself - The Black Goat - is an interesting personage in her own right and someone who has the potential to become a Patron for an appropriate character if so wished. Even getting to see her, let alone getting a favourable outcome to a request, is quite a challenge and could prove a good adventure in its own right.

Plenty here to do and see, and to come back to again and again.

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CE 2 - The Black Goat
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