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Pulp Weird Encounters #1: The Tomb of Squonk and the Silent Army $5.50 $2.50
Publisher: Mystic Bull Games
by Noah S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/01/2013 10:50:05

In "The Tomb of the Squonk", the foolhardy adventurers would probably suffer a TPK either at the hands of the Squonk himself or in their efforts to assist him. I think it would be a good evening's one-off game and maybe even a mixed funnel/regular party adventure, in that it seems very likely to me that players not conversant in the old ways would suffer many many casualties. It has a couple of good tie-ins to multiplanar adventures and even a useful long-standing enemy/patron concept.

The Silent Army poses some excellent ethical dilemmas at the outset, and is fairly straightforward after that. The antagonist would probably make short work of a low-level party but the difficulty could be moderated by adjusting stats down or up, and its power for assimilation could be used for much consternation among players who are attached to characters.

I would love to play these as a DM, gleefully cackling and whisking players into the hearts of a sun or implanting nanobot coated spikes into brains. For my part, I would even enjoy having a couple of characters die this way. That said, I happen to play with folks who do get attached to characters, who would probably sulk about a few rooms with little loot very deadly traps. I might add I don't think players like this ought to play DCC owing to its bent for lethality.

They're both short, linear, and suitably weird and pulpy in that they involve extra-dimensional or extraplanetary adversaries, and likely a lot of fun to play of an evening. I am going to introduce the Patricians into my own campaign, probably, just to mix things up and make for some weird unexpected Appendix N stuff. Actually, these kinds of strange and varied adventurers are exactly what DCC is good for and they make a good match.

Might be a hard sell for players coming from, say, D&D 3.5 or pathfinder or something but they'll learn a new way, eventually.

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Pulp Weird Encounters #1: The Tomb of Squonk and the Silent Army
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