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One Spot #1: The Painted Man $2.00
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/12/2013 05:41:41

No plan ever survives contact with the enemy, nor do a GM's careful plots survive in original form for long once the player-characters arrive. So here's a neat thing to have tucked away in your files to provide some entertainment whilst you try to get your plot back on the rails.

The Painted Man is a bar. The small hole-in-the-wall sort that generally you either know about or you don't, despite the sign it doesn't really survive on passing trade. Whilst it has a sort of contemporary feel to it, little modification is needed to twist and reskin it for use anywhere from your favourite fantasy campaign world to some planet or orbital facility in the far future.

It comes as just 2 pages (or print double-sided to have but one sheet in your file). One side contains what the characters can see or find out about the place, and the other has further information and ideas for using it for the GM to muse over. Thumb-nail sketches of the main characters and typical events and rumours are all there ready for you to use. There's even a random table to cover the characters' likely relationship with the place, cunningly written around the margin to save space.

What is there to say? It's the sort of thing that you may think you don't need... until the night it saves your life, or at least your game, when characters refuse to follow all those neat clues and plot hooks and demand to go for a drink! A useful resource that will let you appear to fly by the seat of your pants without effort...

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Thanks for the great review!
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One Spot #1: The Painted Man
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