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Hulks and Horrors - Basic Black Edition Pay What You Want
Publisher: Bedroom Wall Press
by Benjamin M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/23/2013 20:09:38

I skim read this in a day, mostly reading it for the background and story. The rules as I looked at them are a good basic set of rules, and will require that the players and game master agree to expand upon them in play. it is much like the old style rules that I learned on in the early-mid 1980's. I feel that the background is fairly well done, with lots of room to expand for the game master, or for the game developers. I could wish that they had at least run the levels to ten, but six is a nice level. I feel that they could differentiated the skills of the races a bit better for the players if they where going back to the old school style game design, but I also see that most current players will never stand for that level of focus.

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Hulks and Horrors - Basic Black Edition
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