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Publisher: Barrataria Games
by Tim H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/15/2013 16:11:17

An excellent publication - clear layout in the style and order of the Basic / Expert books, even the font matches. The inclusion of new classes, races, kit and magic expands the game in a way that I wish had existed back in the early 80s when I started playing Basic. (I still DM it now actually!). WIth the inclusion of Bards, Illusionists, half-ogre, half elves, gnomes, NEW thief skills, new spells, monsters and magic items etc, I feel this is better value (and more focused) than the Rules Cyclopedia. The demi-humans are still limited in level advancement and there is still a focus on clan / stronghold creation at name level - which, unless you want to rpg day-to-day running a castle / clan then your charcter effectively retires. How can a character advance / gain XP whilst is sorting out taxing the peasants?! Overall a fantastic publication.

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