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Light Weight Role Playing Game
Publisher: Schrader Heavy Industries
by Brent W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/26/2013 16:43:38

I've quite enjoyed LWRPG so far. For me, it hits that sweet spot between Risus, and PDQ to B/X D&D. It provides enough tactical options to give it variety and crunch, while still being open ended enough for players to create their own abilities and talents. Characters are relatively low-powered and the system does not handle cross-genre characters well...a Peasant Hero can be just as powerful as any Last Sons of Krypton.

(Graphic) Design is nice, and the art is whimsical, which fits me just fine, but can give the appearance of a children's game, or possibly something suited just for comedy. The rules by no means gives this impression.

All the examples given in the book (abilities, attacks, a rather decent list of monsters, and sample adventure) are all for fantasy, but the rules are really for any genre (though like most universal RPGs, Super Heroes would give it some fits and require some rule hacks).

I reduced the rating by one star because although suited for really any genre, all examples are for fantasy, and it lacks any kind of discussion (outside of one paragraph) of adapting the system to those other genres. No vehicle rules, for example, make it problematical to run sci-fi games; My own personal house-rule so far is to treat vehicles as 'piloted' adversaries (ie Monsters) of which there are plenty of examples and a construction system for making them.

I expect genre books sometime in the future might address any perceived issues I might have.

All in all, a good purchase and one I'm glad I made.

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Light Weight Role Playing Game
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