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Publisher: Trollish Delver Games
by erik f. t. t. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/21/2013 18:29:34

The Trollmanac is like a T&T buffet. There lots of options and lots of stuff to try out. Some may not appeal to you, but there is enough here that every T&T player should feel they've gotten their money worth (which at the current sale price it's a steal!)

Let me look at it in order:

New Classes - Very hit or miss to me, but the hits are solid. I really like the Minstrel, Burglar and Wildfarer classes.

Character Options - As Scott explains it, these aren't new classes, but ways to tweak existing classes into different roles than expected. If your players are into role playing and not just rolling, they should read this, even if just for ideas on their own tweaks.

New Kindreds - They look like they would all work fine.

New Monsters - as I've been putting one up a day on my blog, you know I love new and unique T&T monsters. For me, this section is worth it on it's own.

Magic Items - some good, some average, but enough entries to make it interesting. Watch out or I'll trim your hedges!

Guides for:

  • Playing Vampires - not really my interest

  • Spicing up combat - Scott, you got me thinking about using Mighty Deeds from the DCC RPG in T&T. I may need to write this up.

  • A Guide to Uroks - a nice little write up on the master orks ;)

  • Sea Adventures - short but useful. it could add some spice when taking the delvers out of the tunnels

2 Mini Solos.

Damn good stuff!

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The Trollmanac
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