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Index Card RPG: Master Edition $16.50
by Alexandre M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/23/2023 11:36:20

Simple but with content, doesn't need players to read tons and tons of information just to get the basic of the game. A DM needs to read everything, but the system is easly explained to the players during the game, it flows really well, no need to be reading list of spells and actions options etc. Gives an amazing freedom of play, to players and freedom of expression to the DM's Has good solid core system rules and even an interesting and good philosophy for DM's to embrace the role of creator. With this book, you'll get the core system, plus 5 different worlds connected to each other (has in, you can use itens from 1 world to another for example) mediavel magic, sci fi fantasy, western fantasy, super heroes world and pre-historic fantasy. Good for one-shot adventures and also medium and long term campaigns. Amazing system to start TTRPG's and very good as well for veterans.

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Index Card RPG: Master Edition
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