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Trollhlla - A Sworded Adventure $8.95 $2.95
Publisher: Flying Buffalo
by Chet C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/27/2012 19:46:25

Sure, you could have had this with your copy of Sorcerer's Apprentice #5, but you'd have had to buy that in 1979 - or pay dearly now.

Even then, you wouldn't have David Ullery's enjoyable art and seen his version of Atlas on the copyright page. Nor the cute uruk at paragraph 8. Nor would you have enjoyed some of the new incidents possible in this solo.

The adventure is, yes, short - though it has the potential to become much longer if you own some other FBI TnT solos. (Sadly, the classic Arena of Khazan is out of print and not available in ebook form. Alas!!) If you make decent Saving Rolls, you may even get from Point A (entering the city and looking around) to Point B (a dwarfish repairman of swords) without an incident at all! You may have to endure an unseemly pun from the repairman, but it's fairly harmless. It's also where the adventure (in this case) ends.

If you fumble some Saving Rolls along the way, you have opportunities to pursue a thief, to become an outlaw in the city, to fight as a gladiator in the area, to face the Invincible Fishwife (shudder!), or even experience the encounter shown on the cover of this module.

One thing is sure: you won't be bored.

Short and sweet, with violence in almost every paragraph, this is the sort of trouble a lone adventurer could get into in the Good Old Days. For less than three bucks, it's a steal of a deal!

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Trollhlla - A Sworded Adventure
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